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Talent Intellectual Property Group was founded in 1993 ,registered in ShenZhen China. We are the first batch of foreign-related agencies.More than 200 trademark and patent agents and practicing lawyers. Nearly 30 years of industry experience ,we have served more than 100000 customers ,handled moer than 500000 cases, the business scope covers all over the world. We are the One-stop Intellectual Property Service provider,we have Independent Trademark Office,Patent Office,Copyright Office and Law Firm.We can provide customers with a full range of professional services Trademark、Patent、Copyright、and Law practice.Won the title of Excellent Trademark Agency by China Trademark Association
Around 300 professional Agents and lawyers
Be the one of the first agencies could offer global service
Top 10
Be the one of the TOP10 professional agencies in China
One-Stop IP Service

IP Registration ;IP Protection ;IP Operation and etc.


  • 1993
    Founded as the Trademark Agency of Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • 1994
    Be pointed as the one of the first agencies could offer global service
  • 2002
    Renamed as STS trademark agency
  • 2003
    Established STS Patent agency
  • 2005
    Established STS Copyrigh Agency Center
  • 2011
    Established Guangdong Junyi Law firm
  • 2018
    Established China (South) Intellectual Property Center


  • Excellent trademark agency 2020
  • Excellent patent agency 2020
  • Excellent trademark agency 2019
  • Excellent trademark agency 2018
  • National intellectual property brand organization 2018
  • Excellent trademark agency 2016-2017
2017-Excellent-innovation cases.jpg

2017-Excellent-innovation cases

2021-Typical-cases-of top 10 trademarks.jpg

2021-Typical-cases-of top 10 trademarks



Excellent-patent-agency 2020.jpg

Excellent-patent-agency 2020

Excellent-trademark-agency 2020.jpg

Excellent-trademark-agency 2020



National-intellectual property brand organization 2018.jpg

National-intellectual property brand organization 2018



Top-10-trademark-agents in China.jpg

Top-10-trademark-agents in China

Global Reach

Shenzhen Talent Intellectual Property Service Office (STS) not only provides IP services domestically, but also provides professional international IP services. Throughout 20 years of business, international IP industry’s development has become one of our main focus fields. STS, which represents one of the top 10 IP firms in China, has participate in most international intellectual property relevant conferences such as INTA, APAA, MARQUES, ASIPI for the past decade. We have built a strong relationship and partnership with some of the top reliable professional IP firms around the world. We have practiced a huge amount of successful cases internationally with the cooperation of our reliable partners, and we have solved our clients’ international IP demands and problems in a professional and precise way.



One of the TOP10 IP firm in China, And the TOP3 in South China

Rich Experience

Nearly 30 years of industry experience, first batch of foreign-related agencies


Independent Trademark Office, Patent Office, Copyright Office andLaw Firm


All services are clearly priced without any hidden charges

Full Service

One-stop IP Service, over 200 professional agents and lawyer